SponsorsOne Announces Verve 2.0

Artisan Water with broad spectrum hemp extract.

SponsorsOne launches GO Nutraceuticals

Creating a new cannabis category – “The way mother nature intended”


The Network Influence platform that Make Small Brand Big.

Making Small Brands BIG!

by creating a community around the brand that buys a lot of product.

Making CBD accessible

by opening multichannel distribution, marketed by Influencers.

Disrupting the Traditional Advertising Model

Sell Direct or Through Retail

No big upfront marketing fees, everyone in the community gets paid when there is a sale.  This allows small brands with small budget look national overnight, everyone wins.

Your community of influencers can drive sales to your retailers or direct to your online store, either way everyone involved gets paid.

Customers are influencers

Imagine if you could get rewarded for every tweet, pin, share, and ‘like’ you post about your favorite brands which can be used to purchase more stuff from your favorite brands.

The more you engage, the bigger the rewards and cash commissions!  Level up to get bigger and better discounts on participating products.

Connect directly with consumers

Consumers now look to influencers to make buying decisions and introduce new brands that share their values.  SponsorsOne lets small brands bypass traditional display ads and word search advertising, and connect directly with consumers through entertainment and social media influence.  Brands benefit from authentic, word-of-mouth engagement and interactive posts and videos that feature the brand.

BIG data!

Real time data to drive ROI for brands, whats working within social media right now, as it changes from moment to moment, trend by trend.  Campaigns can be adjusted in real time after they are launched, intelligence built into each campaign that creates authentic engagement with the campaign and brand, etc.

The Brands

GO Nutraceuticals

First of its kind, whole plant extraction infused into medicinal botanicals that help you sleep, energize, mediate, relax and ease. Its the only all natural raw CBD solution the way mother nature intended.

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Meet Verve 2.0, launching back to its former glory is a high quality artisan water infused with broad spectrum CBD. The only artisan water in the market with no hemp smell or taste. Refreshing wellness all in one bottle!

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NanoCBD+ is the only slow release CBD patch today, providing a continuous dosage of CBD through your active day. What until you hear from some of the top contact sports athletes talk about how this is game changing for them.

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Combining all natural flavors with broad spectrum CBD providing the energy and relief all in a single refreshing drink.

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Multi Channel Distribution

“SponsorsOne is making small brands Big, even faster now by opening up wholesale/retail distribution. This gives Brands access to every major retailer in their country.”


Direct To Consumer

Selling your product directly to your end customers without third-party retailers, wholesalers, or other middlemen is key to making small brands big. Customers are buying more and more things online and are buying fewer goods from traditional, physical retailers, providing an opportunity for brands to display products with unique selling propositions. Brands can hold less inventory, cutting costs while maintaining the same margins.

The upside is, brands who go direct to consumer take ownership over their most important assets, their customers. Owning the customer relationship provides much more leverage to increase customer lifetime value. Shoppers now have a chance to connect with the brand whenever they want, on their terms.


As part of our ongoing commitment to our participating brands, SponsorsOne can, by leveraging our relationships in wholesale distribution, make small brands HUGE! Wholesale is a big leap for a growing brand. When a brand has the capacity to produce large quantities of their product SponsorOne can guide them through their next stage of growth. Our wholesale goods suppliers source trending products to make sure that they can supply the most up-to-date goods to retailers. Wholesale operators then supply these products to retail businesses for purchase.

By buying products in bulk customers will end up saving money through the discounts that wholesalers get with larger orders. This means that brands can produce their products for less while selling them for more. The amount of initial investment made can help get ahead of competitors through buying and selling in sheer volume.



Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. SponsorsOne will stay with our brands all the way to the Point of Sale regardless if it is a click or a scan. SponsorsOne, with its extensive retail relationships, deal in 4 major retail categories; CBD wellness, specialty foods, fashion and beauty.

Within those categories there are different types of retail stores.

Department Stores

A place for consumers to shop for a variety of products under one roof.

Big Box Store

Major retailers specializing in one type of product

Discount Stores

Department stores that stock discounted items.

Warehouse Stores

No frills warehouses often requiring membership

Mom-and-Pop Stores

Smaller, niche stores run by small business owners.





The creative arm of SponsorsOne that works with  brands to get the most out of their influencer marketing.  SponsorsOne Media is comprised of world-class storytellers and industry connectors making the brand and their customers the hero of a compelling narrative.


SponsorsOne Media uses Thunder Studios for much of their production requirements.  Thunder is a fully integrated production facility providing spaces, equipment and services to cover all of your immediate production needs.


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For Immediate Release Waterloo, Ontario, November 4, 2019: SponsorsOne Inc. (CSE:SPO) (OTC:SPONF pending) (Frankfurt: 5SO), the company that makes small brands BIG through large, engaged, authentic communities of micro- influencers that buy and support the brands they...

The SponsorsOne Team

Our mission is to build the foundation of the new social economy. We’re big believers in the unfulfilled potential of social media to give power back to small brands and consumers. We think all advertising can be authentic – all that’s needed is a network to make this happen.

Our team consists of startup veterans and technology experts. We’re publically listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (our stock symbol is CNXS:SPO)..

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