In the era of fake news, clickbait articles and misleading online advertisements, how can a consumer know what is real and what is a sly marketing trick to get their eyes on specific content?

Authenticity is a word often thrown around by marketers to promote their content over the spam posted throughout the web. But with the access to worldwide web, authenticity has now changed hands and is now controlled by the consumer. Brands can no longer get away with poorly positioned, deceiving and inauthentic advertising. Consumers can now access millions of sources of information to be well informed on a brand before making a purchasing decision. This puts the consumer in the driver seat and even more pressure on the brands to provide quality experiences with their products or services.

The marketing definition of authenticity is about “establishing trust and drawing in customers by providing them with value”, and this word is being used specifically to target the millennial demographic. This group of consumers holds brands at “higher standards” and keeps a watchful eye, not only on brands, but on the consumers of brands though online channels where anyone’s voice can be heard. Channels, such as social media, promote variations of the truth, multiple perspectives and “less carefully crafted messages”, allowing consumers to make their own organic assumptions on a brand without even needing to purchase or experience their products or services. This has lead brands to focus less on the “selling” aspect of a specific product or service, and focus more on positioning the mission of their brand alongside the values of their consumers.


Ascend, a marketing agency, states there are a number of different ways for brands to practice authenticity. SponsorsOne enables brands to engage in authentic online marketing tactics by:


Staying True

The campaign creation process within SponsorsOne allows brands to develop their personality and maintain a consistent message throughout multiple campaigns that remains true to the vision, mission of values of that brand.

Being Transparent

Along with being able to see the impact and reach of your brands network, SponsorsOne allows the brand to monitor what is being said about their products and respond to interactions on social media platforms by consumers.

Consistent Voice & Personality

Our campaign creation process allows brands to maintain consistent with their branding across multiple social media platforms and campaigns and build personalities around their brand.


Our SponsorCloud platform allows brands to monitor the activity within social media and adapt campaigns on the fly. If a campaign is not achieving sales goals or generating targeted metrics, brands can revisit and test new campaign concepts.

Leveraging User Generated Content 

SponsorsOne believes that the best content is created by the consumer and not the brand. We allow brands to reward consumers for unique, product experiences shared on social media by their consumers.