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Waterloo, Ontario, March 14, 2019: SponsorsOne Inc. (CSE: SPO) (Frankfurt: 5SO),  is pleased to provide an operational update for Q1 2019:

The company that makes small brands BIG through large, engaged, authentic communities of micro-influencers that buy and support the brands they love.

Dear SponsorsOne Shareholders:

SponsorsOne has been working through the market launch with several Brands and have completed multiple, end to end transactions. Completion of a sale means everyone who was involved in the consumer purchase, gets paid. This includes the brand, the influencer and SponsorsOne. We are currently working with three brands and have made significant systems design improvements that will facilitate rapid adoption managing millions of pro and micro-influencers.

Highlights for Q1, 2019:

  • Influencer market spend by Brands is projected to be $10B by 2020 as stated by chart/#gs.0q3ytz
  • BlueWater Ventures (Jewelry) went live in December 2018 with over 70,000 views on SponsorsOne generated content, resulting in influencer generated sales for the brand.
  • Shoenbyyu (Fashion) and Native State Foods (Specialty Food) are in various stages of development and getting ready to launch
  • Entry into the CDB – Direct to Consumer market, launched Feb 12, 2019
  • Five brands in discussion for the Brand Development Agreement
  • One Brand in consideration for a three-year Brand Management Agreement
  • Addition of significant enhancements to the SponsorCoin platform with a beta release in Q2 2019
    Each highlight is discussed below: Influencer marketing, specifically, micro-influencer (less than 100,000 followers) has become a major focus in 2019. Many Brands are finding that micro-influencers generate the highest level of authentic engagement and return per marketing dollar.

Each highlight is discussed below:

Influencer marketing, specifically, micro-influencer (less than 100,000 followers) has become a major focus in 2019. Many Brands are finding that micro-influencers generate the highest level of authentic engagement and return per marketing dollar.

The Influencer market has grown from $2B in 2017 and projected to grow to $10B in 2020. The Influencer market represents only 3% of the global digital advertising spend by Brands, so there is plenty of room for growth in the future.

SponsorsOne went live with Bluewater Ventures as our initial brand and the content we produced created over 70,000 views to date, resulting in our first sale in early January. These sales allowed SponsorsOne to execute a complete end to end transaction as its first Brand transaction using influencer marketing on our alpha testing platform.

SponsorsOne and Shoenbyyu are preparing to launch an initial campaign with many pro-influencers under the Brand Development Agreement. Discussions regarding strategy and messaging and the possibility of content produced in collaboration with the influencer are under consideration. No definitive launch date has been set.

Native State Foods is launching a new healthy snackable power food appealing to athletes and active individuals. Native State Foods has just opened a new Shopify store launching their new product, which is being sold exclusively online. Together, SponsorsOne and Native State Foods have been interviewing pro-influencers with the involvement of Athletes Hub. Influencer involvement for the first campaign will be announced soon. The financial tracking and settlement systems for fee payout has been built and will be implemented with the Native State Food’s launch scheduled for Q2.

The direct to consumer space in the USA market has prompted a launch into the CBD Wellness market. SponsorsOne has taken advantage of an opportunity to open discussions with five companies for Brand Development Agreements with one company looking for a long term, three

The Brand Development Agreement with Mato Creation Corporation (PetCell) was terminated by SPO.

As a result of working closely with brands and their influencers we have added some additional capabilities to the SponsorCoin platform which should accelerate micro- influencer adoption as follows:

  • Added cash commission capability, as defined by the brand, to all levels within the system. The micro-influencer can now earn their discount, their SponsorCoin and a cash commission for the direct influence of a brand sale. The brand decides the amount of cash commission to be paid.
  • Added capability for a brand to advance a micro-influencer to a cash commission level, automatically, by meeting a specifically defined action, such as a product purchase. This will incentivize the micro-influencer to purchase the product right away, driving immediate sales for the brand.
  • Added an Influencer Agency Dashboard. Influencer agencies representing many pro-influencers can now connect their influencers to SponsorsOne
  • brands using the SponsorCoin platform. Payment and settlement systems handle the distribution of every sale to everyone involved, including the Agency, moving the Agency and their influencers from a onetime fee, to a recurring payment model, as long as the brand is on the SponsorsOne platform.
  • Added a complete tracking and financial settlement systems to pay the pro and micro influencer commission from each sale they influence. This settlement system works directly with Stripe and PayPal.

While SponsorsOne focused on completing the SponsorCoin platform to support the numerous brands, cash remains tightly managed, and the company’s monthly burn rate was reduced. SponsorsOne is exploring additional financing strategies to ensure sufficient operating capital until achieving positive cash flow, being mindful of shareholder dilution. Our focus is to be cash flow positive with as few brands as possible then scale the business from the generated cash flow.

The experience gathered by launching our first Brands has been invaluable. Tracking and financial settlement, “Pay for Performance”, have increased complexity and will be a major differentiator in the market along with the SponsorCoin reward systems for authentic word of mouth marketing. The beta development and test period are targeted for Q2 2019.

Best regards,

Myles Bartholomew CEO


About SponsorsOne Inc.:

SponsorsOne is disrupting the traditional advertising model and leveling the playing field for small brands. Our cloud based platform, SponsorsCloud, lets brands reach millions of targeted consumers with authentic, word-of-mouth advertising, bypassing intermediaries like agencies and ad networks. Our proprietary cryptocurrency, SponsorCoin, is awarded to Influencers who share brand promotions with their social media followers. SponsorCoin can then be used to purchase products and services at a discount from any brand on our network or trade for popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. This new advertising model cuts upfront costs for brands to near zero and gives every customer an incentive to become a brand ambassador.


Gary Bartholomew, Executive Chairman 

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