To support the continued growth of the company, MXM Nation has established a Board of Directors.

The Board is comprised of three individuals.

Mr. Gary Bartholomew   

Gary_lrGary Bartholomew has successfully established and operated MXM since its incorporation and has been responsible for managing the operations of MXM in the role of chief executive officer prior to February 2013. He has considerable operational experience and technical knowledge of social network portal websites and search engines. Gary Bartholomew currently acts as Executive Chairman guiding the senior management team at MXM.

Mr. Bartholomew has acted as Managing Partner at Galt Global Capital Inc., an alternative asset manager focused in the areas of Innovation, Agriculture, Precious Metals and Natural Resources. Additionally, Mr. Bartholomew is the founding Advisor to the Masters In Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the Conrad Centre, University of Waterloo, and Department of Engineering. In its 11th year, Mr. Bartholomew helped form the program to assist entrepreneurs in the commercialization of technology ideas and opportunities. In addition to his advisory role in the MBET program, Mr. Bartholomew is also the founding advisor of the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Campus School of Global Business and Digital Arts. Mr. Bartholomew takes an active role in mentoring technology based start-ups in the Waterloo area

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Mr. Eric Leslie

Eric_lrSince 1991 through to the present, Mr. Leslie has been leveraging his contacts and extensive public and private company experience into fulfilling contracts and transactions through Merchant Equities Capital Corp. where he is the Principal. Merchant Equities provides venture capital financing advisory services, financial workouts and restructuring consulting management services primarily to early stage public and private companies.



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Mr. Douglas Beynon

Doug_lrDouglas Beynon was appointed Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre in 2009 where he served as founder and Chair of the Advisory Council (2003-2009) and continues to serve as an active member of the Advisory Council. Over the last five years Mr. Beynon has served as Co-CEO Square Foot Media, Inc. and Co-CEO Brandlogo Communications Inc. and Chair of BLOOM (formerly the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement – OCETA)



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