MXM Nation is pleased to announce the appointment of Jaidip Chatterjee, PhD as Chief Patent Officer (CPO). MXM Nation is the online social commerce community aimed at helping extreme sports athletes reduce their costs, increase their visibility and become a top contender in their sport.

With the increased activities in R&D, MXM Nation created the role of Chief Patent Officer.  In this new role, Mr. Chatterjee will play an integral role not only the management team, but also the development team.

“As we began to develop our social commerce platform, we realized the innovation and unique offering must be protected,” says Myles Bartholomew.  “Having Jai as part of the team is critical, we know how invaluable his experience will be to the company in developing strategies to capture our core disruptive technologies.”

Mr. Chatterjee has more than 10 years experience in patent preparation, prosecution and analysis in a diverse array of technologies including imaging system firmware and software, vaccines, internet marketplaces, medical devices, transgenic animals, and computer applications.   His previous work included working with individual inventors, large universities and Fortune 500 companies.  Jai has always maintained a particularly keen interest in working with small and medium sized clients due to a combination of dynamic development of innovative ideas and opportunities.  Mr. Chatterjee received his doctorate at McGill University in Biochemistry.

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