A recent digital marketing industry report indicated that “Social Sponsorship” is gaining an increasing share of major brand’s digital marketing budget.



The popular Adweek publication featured this study. Here’s an excerpt:

“Celebrity endorsements have long been the domain of TV and magazine ads. But now, marketers have discovered that stars and other so-called influencers can help move product just as well through their social media channels. Sixty-one percent of marketers surveyed said they’ve paid someone to mention their product on social media, up 5 percent over 2012. But marketers who think social sponsorship is a cheap way to move product are in for a surprise. This new breed of pitchman puts a high value on their sponsored videos and blog posts, and expects to get compensated in cash, not freebies.”

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The Wall Street Journal also covered the release of the study

Sources: IZEA Sponsored Social Report 2013. Infographic: Carlos Monteiro