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Myles_lrMyles recently spoke with June McDonald, Digital Content Strategist at the University of Waterloo. She then profiled a Myles and MXM Nation as part of the school’s regular Student Entrepreneur Spotlight.

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Myles Bartholomew is capping off his first year on the “Global Business Digital Arts” degree at U of W with the transformation of MXM Nation from a track-side promotional business to social sponsorship enterprise.

Beth Cotter, the Manager of CECR Program Marketing, at Waterloo has published an update on Myles and the MXM Nation online community.

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“On Dec. 11 at the University of Waterloo Stratford campus, Mayor Dan Mathieson called the launching of the new Stratford Accelerator Centre the beginning of “an evolution of digital media enterprise” in the city.”

This begins an article by Dan Rankin for the Stratford Gazette on Dec 11, 2013. In this article, Mr Rankin further recognized MXM Nation’s participation at the the Centre.

“First in line to be a client of the Stratford Accelerator Centre was 19-year-old Myles Bartholomew of Waterloo, an undergraduate student studying Global Business and Digital Arts at the Stratford campus, as well as the CEO and president of his own company, MXM Nation.”

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Myles Bartholomew, CEO of MXM Nation, has commenced his studies in the new, innovative Global Business and Digital Arts program at the University of Waterloo. The Global Business and Digital Arts is the first program of its kind in Canada with a focus on digital media, our program delivers skills in creativity, technology, and business that employers are looking for.

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Myles Bartholomew has wrapped up the 2012 Season as a Motocross Pro Racer. His next step is to enter the University of Waterloo’s Digital Media and Global Arts program.